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@ 06:38 AM (104 months, 19 days ago)
I first met him through an online chat room; it started off
with us discussing the weather, the news, the usual chit
chat and progressed to discussing our sexual fantasies.
This was where it became interesting, we were both mid-thirties,
both married, both horny and open-minded. When he first
told me of his favourite fantasy I was interested but cautious,
it seemed like something another woman would do, certainly
not me. As we got to know each other better I became determined
to help him fulfil his fantasy.
The fantasy he had in mind was as follows, he walks into a
hotel room to find a woman, naked, eyes closed, kneeling
on the bed. Pretty straightforward so far, the really exciting
thing was that he and the woman would never have met before
and would have no idea what the other person looked like,
also, she wouldn’t be allowed to open her eyes until he said
so. This part excited me, I had been chatting with him for
several months and we had spoken on the phone but I could
only take his word about his appearance. I decided to do
it and we arranged it for the following week.
I went to the hotel as planned; he had been in and booked a
room then left the room door open and gone back to his car.
He texted me the room number as I was driving into the car-park.
He knew what car I had and I knew he would be watching me but
I wouldn’t be able to see him. I was so nervous yet so turned
on as I walked into the hotel and up to the room. As instructed
I undressed then texted him to say I was ready. I knelt on
the bed, trembling, eyes tightly closed, pussy so wet,
I heard the key in the door and heard him tell me to keep my
eyes shut and to stay where I was. He was in the room, looking
at me from all angles, not touching me, not saying a word.
I could sense him moving around the bed, I hoped he was smiling
but my eyes remained closed. I desperately wanted him to
touch me or to say something but he didn’t, he sat down near
me on the bed and lit a cigarette. Time seemed to stand still
as he smoked it, finally I heard him stub it out and he undressed.
I was expecting him behind me, expecting to feel his erect
cock rubbing my aching hot pussy, expecting him to slide
into me, I was wrong. I first felt his cock against my face,
rubbing over my cheeks, making them sticky with pre-cum
then pressing lightly against my lips. My lips parted as
I started to slowly lick the head, eyes still closed, sucking
just the head, tasting the pre-cum then working down his
erect shaft to his balls, sucking them gently into my mouth,
moaning softly as I teased him. My tongue tasting and teasing
him, taking him into my mouth again, taking his delicious
erect cock deeper into my mouth, sucking him harder and
faster, his hands holding my head, pushing his cock further
into my eager mouth. Suddenly he pulled out, “keep your
eyes closed, my slut” he said as he lay back on the bed and
guided my mouth back down to his throbbing cock.As I started
sucking him he took my hand and guided it to his tight arsehole, I
knew what to do, I wet my finger and gently started to play
with his arse, teasing around his anus then starting to
gently probe, sliding my finger in and out in time with my
head bobbing up and down on his cock.He started moaning, loudly, desperately, begging
me not to stop, telling me how good I was, how dirty I was,
telling me to fuck his tight hole with my fingers. I was dripping
wet by now, wanting him deep inside me, wanting him to touch
my clit, wanting to see him, wanting him to make me cum but
I knew I would have to wait. I pulled my mouth off his twitching
cock and licked slowly down to his balls, I knew he was close
to cumming but he would have to wait a little longer. I took
his balls into my mouth and sucked them, rolled my tongue
over them, held them in my hot mouth till he reached down
and tried to pull me back to his cock, eyes still closed,
I shook my head and trailed my tongue down to his arsehole,
rimming it then suddenly probing, tasting him there, his
groans making my juices flow even more freely. Now I was
ready to do as he wanted, I very very slowly kissed my way
back up to his cock, tickled the head lightly with my tongue,
slid my finger back into his tight arse and took his cock
deep into my mouth. He held my head tight as I sucked harder
and faster, desperate for this stranger’s cum in my mouth,
his cock sliding faster in and out of my mouth, twitching
and throbbing as he groaned and bucked. He started shooting
into my mouth, load after load of his delicious hot thick
cum, me swallowing it eagerly, fingering his arse as I took
his huge load. As his cock relaxed I licked him clean, loving
the taste. He pulled me up to face him, held me tight and kissed
me “you can open your eyes now”.


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